SAKE Guide 2022

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SAKE - AHU Kewarganegaraan
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Starting from January 2020, any new applications for renunciation of Indonesian citizenship will be processed through the online application Sistem Administrasi Kewarganegaraan Elektronik (SAKE).

SAKE is entirely managed by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Directory General for Public Law Administration.

With SAKE, you have to go through the application yourself. Unlike before when you could engage a lawyer to prepare the application for you.

In this guide, we'll go through the step-by-step process so you can complete your renunciation process via SAKE.

If you see any outdated information or have any other feedback, feel free to send an email to

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What Documents Do I Need to Legalize?

Before you get started with your SAKE application, make sure you have legalized the following documents.

  1. Original Birth Certificate/Akte Kelahiran
  2. Original Marriage Certificate/Akte Kawin (ROM or Laporan Perkawinan in both English and Bahasa Indonesia)
  3. Original Passport
  4. ICA Letter (Final Approval (2nd) Letter in both English and Bahasa Indonesia) -- You'll need to complete Singapore Journey Stage 2 to receive the Final Approval letter from ICA.
  5. Original KTP (Kartu Tanda Penduduk) ~ if you have a valid KTP
  6. Original KK (Kartu Keluarga) ~ this is optional. You could use KK if you don't have your KTP.

You’ll need to upload soft copies of these legalized documents to SAKE and send the hard copies to AHU for verification.

Check out our guide to find out more about how you could legalize your documents.

You'll need to engage a sworn translator to translate the ICA letter and marriage certificate.

I recommend you to engage Mr. Zaimuddin Anwar from Tan, Lee & Choo. He has existing templates he's been using for translation and can do it really fast.

At this time of writing, he charges $30/page.

You could contact him via email at or WhatsApp at 96505794.

Note: Please make sure you double-check the translated documents before you schedule a time to collect them. Always ask him to send you the photo of the document so you could verify all the details.

There're feedbacks from the community that he made mistakes on important details.

So do your part and double-check the work.

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Register an Account

To start with, you’ll need to register for an account at SAKE. Go to and click on the first link "REGISTRASI KEWARGANEGARAAN" to register an account.

SAKE - AHU Kewarganegaraan - Registrasi

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Submit Your Application

When you log in to your account, you'll see all the 8 different options you could choose when submitting your application.

Choose “Permohonan Surat Keterangan Kehilangan Kewarganegaraan RI Atas Kemauan Sendiri Bagi Orang Yang BELUM Memperoleh Kewarganegaraan Asing ”.

SAKE - Dashboard

Fill In Your Personal Details

Next, you'll need to fill in your personal details.

SAKE - Personal Details

Things to take note of that threw most people off:

  • NIK (Nomor Induk KTP) - You could find this number on your KTP or KK (Kartu Keluarga)
  • No. Handphone - Fill this with your local handphone number without the country code
  • Surat Keterangan Naturalisasi - Fill this with your ICA's Application ID usually starts with "ROC-#"

Click "Selanjutnya" button.

Fill in Your Parents' or Guardian's Details

Next, you'll need to fill in your parent's or guardian's details.

SAKE - Parents / Guardians Details

When you're done, you'll see a copy of "Surat Permohonan" that you could download.

SAKE - Surat Permohonan Sample

NOTE: Make sure the info you filled in matched the documents you're submitting.

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Upload Your Legalized Documents

In this step, you'll have to upload all the legalized soft copies you've prepared beforehand.

Make sure your soft copies and hard copies are printed and scanned in color, not black and white.

For each section, you could upload as many documents as you want. Just make sure you send the hardcopy to AHU for verification as well.

1. Birth Certificate

Upload a legalized copy of your birth certificate

2. Marriage Certificate

If you're married in Singapore and you reported your marriage at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore (or wherever you are), The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia will register and issue a document of registration of marriage which will be used to report the marriage at the Population and Civil Registration Office in Indonesia (Kantor Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil di Indonesia).

You need to upload:

  • A legalized copy of "Laporan Perkawinan" issued by KBRI.
  • A legalized copy of your ROM certificate.

However, if you never report your marriage at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, you need to upload:

  • A legalized copy of your ROM certificate
  • A legalized copy of your ROM certificate translated in Bahasa Indonesia

3. Passport

Upload a legalized copy of your Indonesia passport

4. Surat Keterangan Naturalisasi

For the ICA letter, you ONLY need to translate and legalize the final approval letter (or second letter) that indicates your appointment date.

Upload the legalized copies of your ICA letter in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

5. Passport Photos

Upload 2 copies of your latest photo in 4x6cm with a red background. Refer to the sample photo provided.

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Make Your Payment

Next, it's time to make payment for your application. Opt for "Luar Negeri" and choose "Singapura".

SAKE - Payment Info

You'll be issued "Surat Perintah Bayar" as seen below:

SAKE - Surat Perintah Bayar Sample

As soon as you've been issued Surat Perintah Bayar, you need to make payment within 3 calendar days.

Print out the Surat Perintah Bayar and bring it down to the BNI branch at 30 Cecil Street. You should be able to collect the payment receipt on the following day.

Once you collected the payment receipt from the bank, you need to upload it to SAKE.

Login to your SAKE account and click on the "Upload Bukti Bayar" link on your application to upload the payment receipt.

SAKE - Upload Payment Receipt

Once you successfully upload the receipt, the link will disappear.

UPDATE (As shared by one of our readers):
You could make payment for SAKE using DBS Remit to BNI. This will save you time making a trip down to the bank itself.

If you don't have DBS/POSB account, you could get someone else to make payment on your behalf.

Things to note:

1. Transfer Details - Recipient's Full Name: Nama penerima in your Surat Perintah Bayar.

2. Recipient Details - Account Number: No. rekening penerima in your Surat Perintah Bayar.

3. Recipient Details - Purpose of Remittance: Other services

4. Recipient Details - Resident's Account Type: Non-resident.

You could keep the Recipient Address field blank.

Once you've made the transaction, save it in PDF and upload it in SAKE.

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Send Your Documents

By now, you should have made payment and uploaded the payment receipt through the system. Go to your mailbox by clicking on the mail icon on the top right corner or visit this link:

You should receive a new mail titled "Permohonan Selesai".

Now, it's time to send all the documents you uploaded via SAKE to AHU including the payment receipt.

Don’t forget to download “Surat Permohonan” from SAKE.

SAKE - Permohonan Selesai

You should courier the following documents via DHL:

  1. Legalized copy of Akte Kelahiran
  2. Legalized copy of Akte Kawin (Either ROM and/or Laporan Perkawinan). Please refer to the section above.
  3. Legalized copy of Passport
  4. Legalized copy ICA Letter (Final Approval (2nd) Letter in both English and Bahasa Indonesia)
  5. Legalized copy of KTP (if you have valid KTP)
  6. Photocopy of payment form (either payment receipt from BNI or payment transfer email from DBS Remit)
  7. Passport photos with a red background - 2 pieces
  8. Surat Permohonan to be downloaded from SAKE

You need to paste a materai Rp. 10,000 on the "SURAT PERMOHONAN" and sign over it.

NOTE: As of 2021, materai Rp. 6,000 is no longer valid

Attach the information below on the DHL Airwaybill.

Kepada Yth:
Direktorat Tata Negara
Direktorat Jenderal Administrasi Hukum Umum
Kementerian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia, 

Gedung Direktorat Jenderal Administrasi Hukum Umum
Jln. HR. Rasuna Said Kav 6-7
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12940

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Approval Process

Verification will start once the hard copies are received by AHU and it needs to be delivered within 7 days after you upload the payment receipt.

Overall, you need to get 5 verifications to complete your application.

SAKE - Approval

As per my experience, the first green verification took the longest time around 1 week after the document has been delivered. The remaining 4 green verifications took around 3-4 days.

You would hardly see red verification that indicates your document has been rejected.

If there's any clarification required, you'll receive yellow verification. Click on it to find out what information you need to re-send to AHU.

Once you received 5 green verifications, you could download "Surat Keputusan".

Print 3 copies and send the PDF version to Mr. Anwar via email for him to translate.

Remember to check all the details before you collected the hard copy from him.

You'll receive 2 translated copies from Mr. Anwar - 1 for the embassy and 1 for ICA.

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Issues With Your Application

If for some reason, your application status on SAKE is yellow instead of green, it means there're documents you're lacking. Based on community sharing, you will hardly get a red status which means your application is rejected.

So, what should you do when you see a yellow status on your application?

First, don't panic.

Click "View" to see the comments from AHU related to documents you're lacking.

Next, prepare the missing documents and upload them to SAKE as you did previously.

Click on the "Ubah" button to upload the documents.

If you don't see the button, you'll need to wait till you receive yellow status on the last approval.

Application with yellow status

Once you uploaded the missing document(s), you'll need to send the hard copy of the document(s) to AHU again.

Note: To be safe, you could re-send all the documents plus the missing document if you still keep a copy of all your documents.

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Final Steps

Congrats you're at the final steps now. In these steps, you need to make the trip to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to surrender your Indonesian passport and collect an acknowledgment letter

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to make an appointment before you could enter the embassy else you'll be turned down.

To make an appointment to surrender your passport, you could send an email to

NOTE: You'll need to come back another day to collect the acknowledgment letter from KBRI Embassy.

As per ICA requirement, you don't need to legalize the translated Renunciation letter so you just need to get it translated by Mr. Anwar and you're good to go.

From my personal experience:

I sent an email to ICA to enquire about the AHU letter.

I was told that I don't have to translate the AHU letter as ICA accepts the original letter in Bahasa Indonesia.

That saved me from making trips to Mr. Anwar.

Once you received the acknowledgment letter that you've surrendered your passport, you could set an appointment with ICA to finish your application.

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